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Emilee Draper


Family-TravelingChoose between LEGOLAND + SEA LIFE Aquarium Hopper tickets and LEGOLAND + LEGOLAND Water Park Hopper tickets and get a 2nd day FREE when you travel now until December 31, 2019. LEGOLAND offers rides, attractions and more that appeal to the LEGO-lover in us all.


Created for ages 2 - 12, LEGOLAND is full of fun! Enjoy sunshine, beautiful grounds and millions of LEGOs. To help you plan your vacation, here’s a look at some of the ride height requirements for LEGOLAND.

  • DUPLO Playtown - Perfect playground area for preschool aged children, offering slides, themed houses and other DUPLO structures to explore.
  • Dig Those Dinos - Fun for pre-school and elementary-aged children, this area lets little ones of all ages dig for dino bones.
  • Miniland U.S.A. - Stroll around miniature versions of a number of iconic cities. You’ll see the Golden Gate Bridge, Central Park and New Orleans. There’s no minimum height requirement to view Miniland U.S.A..
  • LEGO Star Wars - Star Wars fans will love to see their favorite franchise represented in LEGO form.
  • LEGO CITY: Deep Sea Adventure - Hop aboard this real submarine and explore the sea! Riders under 52 inches tall simply need an accompanying rider who meets the requirement.
  • Fairy Tale Brook - Float on a gentle stream and see story book characters brought to life in the form of LEGOs. There’s no minimum height requirement, so it's a good choice for all ages.
  • Safari Trek - Look out for friendly jungle animals on the Safari! Ride along and view animals created from LEGOs. Designed for guests 34 inches and taller.
  • Coastersaurus - Guests 36 inches and taller can cruise around a ten-foot tall LEGO dinosaur on this roller coaster.
  • The Dragon - This is an indoor/outdoor roller coaster for riders 40 inches and taller. Take a thrilling ride on the LEGO Dragon!
  • Driving School - Take a spin around the Fun Town LEGO track in a real LEGO car! Riders ages 6 - 12 love attending this driving school. There is also Junior Driving School for kids ages 3 - 5.
  • LEGO NINJAGO - Control the elements like a true Ninjago on this 3D ride. There’s no minimum height requirement, but guests shorter than 48 inches must be accompanied by a rider 48 inches or taller.
  • LEGO TECHNIC Coaster - Physics have never been this fun! In a TECHNIC buggy, guests 42 inches and taller twist, turn and drop along the track.
  • Bionicle Blaster - Spin the wheel to spin your LEGO carriage ‘round and ‘round. This ride is for guests 42 inches and taller.

SEA LIFE Aquarium

With aquarium exhibits, feeding demonstrations and more, SEA LIFE Aquarium combines the fun of LEGOs with the fun of the Sea.

  • 16 interactive areas for hands-on learning
  • Sea at Night allows guests to walk across a bioluminescent tide pool
  • Shark Mission shares shark facts during touch screen games
  • Freshwater exhibits share wonders of local streams, lakes and rivers
  • San Francisco Harbor shows you what lives and swims nearby in the Bay
  • Shoaling exhibit
  • Seahorse exhibit
  • Jellyfish discovery
  • ...and so much more!

You can make SEA LIFE Aquarium park of your LEGOLAND vacation with discount Get Away Today Hopper Tickets. Find them HERE, and book by October 31, 2019 to enjoy your second day FREE.


Did you know LEGOLAND has its very own Water Park? With LEGO theming and family-friendly thrills and play areas, it makes a great addition to your LEGOLAND vacation*.

  • Wipeout Lagoon - no minimum height requirement
  • Imagination Station - no minimum height requirement
  • Joker Soaker - no minimum height requirement
  • Splash Zoo - no minimum height requirement
  • Pirate Reef - 36 inches and taller
  • Soak and Sail - 36 inches and taller
  • Twin Chasers - 42 inches and taller
  • Splash Out - 42 inches and taller
  • Riptide Racers - 42 inches and taller
  • Build-a-Raft River - 42 inches and taller
  • Orange Rush - 42 inches and taller
  • DUPLO Splash Safari - ages 6 and under

If you’d like to include a visit to the LEGOLAND Water Park, find 2nd Day FREE tickets HERE.

*LEGOLAND Water Park is open weekends only through October, then closes for the remainder of 2019.


Did you know there are two LEGOLAND Resort hotels on property? The LEGOLAND Hotel and the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel allow you to stay close to all the fun, and enjoy exclusive perks such as complimentary breakfast, a LEGO scavenger hunt and even dance parties in the elevators. With LEGO-themed rooms and pools, either hotel makes a great addition to a LEGOLAND vacation package.

LEGOLAND Area Hotels

Get Away Today also partners with hotels near LEGOLAND. You still enjoy excellent rates and customer service, with the option of staying elsewhere in the city of Carlsbad. Many include complimentary breakfast, parking and WiFi when you book with Get Away Today. Enjoy the savings and convenience found with a number of Carlsbad hotels near LEGOLAND.

  • La Quinta Inn & Suites Carlsbad - Located about 3.5 miles from LEGOLAND, La Quinta Inn & Suites offers free breakfast, free parking and free WiFi when you book with Get Away Today.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad Beach - Also just over 3 miles from LEGOLAND, Hilton Garden Inn overlooks Carlsbad Beach. Enjoy comfortable guest rooms with complimentary WiFi, in-room microwave, coffee maker and mini fridge.
  • Homewood Suites Carlsbad - Enjoy accommodations at Homewood Suites, located about 5 miles from LEGOLAND. Suites offer complimentary breakfast, free dinner on select nights and in-room kitchens.

Book LEGOLAND Today and Save

Now that you know what to expect in LEGOLAND California, it’s time to book! Remember you can get your 2nd day FREE when you book with Get Away Today for 2019 travel. View discount LEGOLAND vacations at, or call an agent directly at 855-GET-AWAY. Let them know Wasatch Peaks sent you!


Six Easy Ways to Save Money Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

AdobeStock_73134769-1In today's economy, it is essential that you do what you can to save money. Many people are afraid of sacrificing the things they enjoy in order to keep more cash in their pockets. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can save money without having to give up the lifestyle you enjoy. Here is a look at some easy ways to save money without sacrifice.

Shopping Lists

Going to the store without an idea of what you want is a good way to waste a lot of money. If you don’t have a shopping list, you are likely to make unnecessary impulse buys. You might also forget to buy something that you needed, causing you to waste time and gas money on a second trip. Be sure to make a shopping list before you go to the store.


If you don’t check for coupons and deals at the stores where you shop, you are throwing away money. Although most coupons are for small amounts of savings, these small amounts add up quickly. If you do a lot of your shopping online, you should also search for any online coupons or promo codes before you check out. Most online retailers have deals for free shipping and discounts all year long.

Shop Around

It’s important that you shop around before making any purchases, particularly on big ticket items. Many search engines have shopping features that allow you to compare prices among a number of top retailers. Many of these retailers also have price matching services that will allow you to get a competitor's price at your preferred store.

Pack Your Lunch Ahead of Time

Eating out is one of the most common ways that people waste money. Not only is eating out more expensive, it also tends to be less healthy. Prepare your meals ahead of time, then bring them to work or school with you. There are many healthy, delicious meals that are inexpensive and can be brought with you. Many offices and cafeterias have microwaves, so you're not just limited to cold lunches.

Buy Used

Many people are turned off by the idea of buying something used. They think that these types of products might be unclean or defective. The truth is that most people barely use the things they own. These “gently” used items often wind up at thrift stores or outlets such as eBay. If you buy used items instead of new ones, you can often get great deals on items that are almost as good as new.

Drive Less

With gas prices continually skyrocketing, driving can end up being a huge expense. However, chances are that you are driving when you don't have to. Do you really need to drive around the corner to the store? If you need to travel a short distance, walk there. If you have to go somewhere that's moderately far away, take your bike. You will spend less money and be healthier.

As you can see, you don’t need to make huge sacrifices to save cash. If you use your time and money more judiciously, you may save hundreds of dollars every year without compromising your quality of life.


DIY Halloween Decorations

HalloweenDon’t blow big bucks on your Halloween décor when you can DIY for a fraction of the price! Check out our list of creative, fun and inexpensive projects to make your home the spookiest haunt on the block.

1. The mummified door

All you need for turning your front door into a bona fide mummy is a generous amount of toilet paper and a bit of masking tape. This project is easier with a helper, so get your kids or your significant other in on the fun!

First, open your front door to a 90-degree angle. Take a roll of toilet paper and tape the first piece to the upper right-hand corner of the door. Then start wrapping your door tightly from top to bottom, carefully pulling the ends through the crack between the door and the doorpost. If you’re working with a partner, it’s easiest if each person stands on opposite sides of the door as you pass the toilet paper back and forth. Use the masking tape as necessary.

Once your door is completely wrapped, secure the end of the toilet paper roll to the door with another piece of tape. Your door is now mummified! To dress it up, stick on some supersized felt or googly eyes.

2. The bat chandelier

Are those real bats hanging from your chandelier? This spooky centerpiece will add just the right touch to your Halloween tablescape!

For this project, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • 12-inch metal wreath form

  • 14-inch metal wreath form

  • Black spray paint

  • Black glitter felt

  • Black bead thread

  • Black tulle

  • Sewing needle

  • Hot glue (optional)

Here’s how to turn your wreaths into a chandelier being attacked by a swarm of bats:

  1. Spray paint the wreath forms in black.

  2. Cut out bat shapes from the glitter felt. Use this bat template to make this part easier.

  3. String the bats together using the black bead thread.

  4. Cut out two strips of tulle that are large enough to cover the wreath forms. Fold one piece of tulle in half, and attach it to the smaller wreath form by sewing it on, or using hot glue. Repeat with the larger wreath form.

  5. To make a hanger for the top circle, tie one strip of tulle to opposite ends of the circle. Repeat with another strip of tulle.

  6. Use the thread to attach the smaller wreath form to the larger one in multiple places, so when the 14-inch form is lifted, the 12-inch form hangs below it. Make sure the attachment is secure.

  7. Hang your chandelier by attaching it to a light fixture or to a hook.

  8. Tie the strung bats to the hanging chandelier until you have an entire family of bats soaring across your house.

3. Glammed-up pumpkins

Get ready to dazzle the neighborhood with your cluster of studly pumpkins! All you need to turn your gourds into sophisticated centerpieces is black acrylic paint, white acrylic paint, paintbrushes and round, gold studs. For the studs, you can use cheap costume jewelry. Gold thumbtacks will also do the trick.

To dress up your pumpkins, start with stripes. Take one pumpkin and use the white paint to create stripes on every other ridge or raised section of the gourd. Let the paint dry for at least 30 minutes.

When the paint has completely set, use the black paint to fill in the remaining spots until you have black and white stripes covering your entire pumpkin. How’s that for chic Halloween décor?

Now you’re ready for your studded pumpkin. Simply press your gold studs into a pumpkin, creating stripes that run parallel to the natural lines on the gourd or in natural patterns. There’s no mess or extra tools involved, and the entire project should take just a few minutes. Prettied-up pumpkin, done!

Create several of each glammed-up pumpkin and set them up together for an adorable centerpiece or an outdoor decoration.

4. Floating light-up witch hats

This one takes a bit more time, but the end result is a real show-stopper on your front porch!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6 cheap witch hats. Depending on your porch space, you may want to make more or fewer floating hats. Adjust all quantities for this project as necessary.

  • Fishing line (Approximately 18 feet)

  • A long needle

  • 6 LED light sticks. Look for a battery-powered, lightweight LED light stick that has a clip. Battery-powered tea lights will also work well.

  • Safety pins

  • 6 outdoor Command hooks

To hang your witch hats:

  • Decide where you’re going to hang your hats, measuring spaces as necessary.

  • Attach the Command hooks to the ceiling of your porch. Let the hooks set for 15 minutes.

  • String three feet of fishing line onto the needle. Push the needle through the outside point of a witch hat and gently pull it to the inside of the hat, being careful not to pull the line all the way through.

  • Remove the needle from the inside of the hat and tie the fishing line around a safety pin.

  • Use a safety pin to attach the fishing line to a light stick, making sure it’s secure.

  • Tie a loop around the other end of the fishing line (on the outside of the hat) and hang it on a Command hook.

  • Repeat with the remaining hats and lights.

Your floating witch hats are ready to scare the living daylights out of the neighborhood!

Tip: Your LED lights will likely not last for a full month. You can turn yours off each night, or leave the floating hats up all month and only turn on the lights on the night of Halloween.

Make Halloween décor a family project this year instead of an expensive shopping trip. It’s fun, creative, and easy on the wallet!